The first bottle of Jinliufu white liquor came off from the Wuliangye production workshop in 1998. With its excellent liquor quality, novel packaging and profound cultural heritage, Jinliufu was favored by consumers and was known as the “Blessed Liquor for Chinese”. The Jinliufu Brand is defined as “Six Blessings”: longevity, wealth, health, virtues, harmony, and filial piety.

Jinliufu is the top white liquor brand for Chinese in joyous occasions, family reunion dinners, and visiting relatives and friends, and it is one of the few high-value brands with high popularity, high reputation and high association within China. In 2017, the brand value of Jinliufu reached RMB 30.2 billion certified by the authority.

Jinliufu is one of the brands recognized as “China Well-known Trademark” in the white liquor industry. The brand positioning of the “Blessed Liquor for Chinese” has been deeply rooted in the consumers and “Enjoying the Blessed Liquor in Moment of Happiness” has become one of the new folk customs through the promotions of integrating marketing activities such as “Olympic blessing-Jinliufu”, “Enjoy Jinliufu for My Happiness”, “Enjoy Jinliufu for Reunion in Mid-autumn Festival”, “Enjoy Jinliufu for Going Home at Spring Festival”, “Mutual Assistance Alliance for Going Home at Spring Festival Funded by Jinliufu” and “Family Portrait with Jinliufu”.

The super single product “A Jar of Good Liquor” was released in 2016 and soon became the hottest one in the white liquor industry. The Jinliufu Brand had a new upgrade in 2017 and the brand slogan was changed to the “Blessed Liquor for China” from “Blessed Liquor for Chinese”. With a more concise logo design and a more focused strategy of super single product, the Jinliufu Brand has welcomed a big change since its birth 20 years ago.

“A Jar of Good Liquor”: Red jar

Mellow Series: Mellow Jinliufu, Super Mellow (Boutique), and Customized



Red Bottle, Ruby Red, Longquan Green, Peacock Blue, and King Gold

Star Series: Jinliufu: I-Star, II-Star, III-Star, IV-Star, and Red V-Star