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JinDong Group

Zhenjiu liquor came from a livelihood project of white liquor led by Chinese leaders. In 1958, Chairman Mao Zedong put forward the assumption of producing ten thousand tons of Moutai white liquor. In 1975, Premier Zhou Enlai proposed again and the project of “Relocated Production Test (Pilot) of Guizhou Moutai Liquor” was formally established. In 1985, experts appraised and agreed that the trial liquor had reached the contract requirements. At that time, the Vice Premier of State Council Fang Yi tasted the trial liquor and praised it as “Treasure in Liquor”, and thus “Zhenjiu Liquor” (meaning Treasure in Liquor) was named and came to the world.

Through more than 40 years of continuous production, accumulation and precipitation, today’s Zhenjiu liquor has formed a very suitable microbial environment and site for producing the high-quality deep fragrance. Zhenjiu Liquor is one of the few white liquor enterprises that can produce the high-quality deep fragrance. Zhenjiu Liquor always adheres to the traditional liquor-making processes through the deep fragrance of yeast for making hard liquor, persists in the storage process of pottery jar storage, innovates in bottle storage technology and the craftsmanship liquor-making forms a unique taste. The representative product “Zhenjiu Liquor-Zhen XV” is deeply fragrant and elegant, aged and comfortable, delicate and smooth, harmonious and clean, taste lingering, and enduring fragrant in empty cup. It tastes sweet, cool and passionate during drinking and tastes refreshed after drinking.

In the future, the Zhenjiu Liquor makers will shoulder consumers’ hope of delicious liquor and insist on using the spirit of craftsmanship to make high-quality deeply fragrant liquor with heart and soul.

Aged liquor-making Series: Zhenjiu Liquor-Zhen V, Zhenjiu Liquor-Zhen VIII, Zhenjiu Liquor-Zhen XV, and Zhenjiu Liquor-Zhen XXX

Treasure Series: Treasure 1985 and Treasure 2009