Xiangjiao is a business card of Hunan and a model of Hunan liquor. It is a high-end liquor brand that is influential and culturally significant in Hunan.

Its product “Hongzuan · Xiangjiao” (50.8 degrees) won the Grand Gold Medal in Spirits Selection by Concours Mondialde Bruxelles in 2018. Inheriting the essence of the “Six Ancient BrewingMethods”,Xiangjiao Liquoradopts high-quality raw grain and natural soft spring water of Xuefeng Mountain as raw materials,which are carefully brewed by national outstanding brewing masters andburied in pottery jars through long passage of time before being launched in market in bottle.

Representative products: Xiangjiao Red Memory, XiangjiaoLangshan Mountain Memorial Liquor, Hongzuan · Xiangjiao, Xiangjiao Crystal, Zhenniang No.9, Xiangjiao Xiaozuan, and so on.