There are more than 400 existing cellar pools in Linshui, in which there are 117 old ones well preserved from Wulongxing Workshop founded in the late Qing Dynasty. A large number of microorganisms have been accumulated in the aged cellars, which are rich in acid, vinegar, alcohol, aldehydes and heterocycles in the fermentation process.

It boasts the largest volume of cave storage base of 6km in Dabie Mountain in Linshui where the four seasons are like spring, the humidity is full, the air is filled and the liquor is dense. The liquor in the pottery jar can nourish inside and be plump and long. The liquor body is getting aged and soft.

Packaging design creates the originally ecological simplicity. The traces of computer design are removed as far as possible. The hand writing is matched with the quality of non-industrial liquor storage of 6km in Dabie Mountain to let the overall feeling return to the original soil.

Linshui Yuquan Sufficient Year Caved Storage Liquor Series: Sufficient Year Caved Storage Liquor

Linshui Yuquan Year Liquor Series: Linshui Yuquan 12-Year Caved Storage Liquor, Linshui Yuquan 15-Year Caved Storage Liquor, and Linshui Yuquan 20-Year Caved Storage Liquor

Linshui Jar Series: 5-Year Red Linshui Jar, 6-Year Red Linshui Jar, 8-Year Red Linshui Jar, 10-Year Red Linshui Jar, and 12-Year Red Linshui Jar