Jinyuanchun Liquor has two major brands of “Jinyuanchun” and “Tenggong” which are famous trademarks in Shandong Province. The Jinyuanchun brand has successively launched series of Stars and Treasure. The liquid makers adopt the unique liquid-making techniques and strictly follow the six traditional rules; carefully select the fine grains such as purple-skin-stem sorghum, streaky wheat, six-rowed barley, and high-quality soybeans for starter propagation; and adopt the rice steamer method with rigorous steps handed down from generation to generation. The original liquor is stored in the liquor container framed by 175-layer rice paper with the mysterious craftsmanship in constant temperature. The magic techniques unifying nature and human efforts in Tengzhou create the current Jinyuanchun liquor body which is clear and mellow, sweet and cool, natural and smooth, and has lingering taste with a special thick fragrance style in North China.

Jinyuanchun Cherish series: Cherish I, Cherish VI and Cherish IX

Jinyuanchun Treasure Series: Treasure Aged Liquor, Treasure 1948, and Treasure 1994

Jinyuanchun SOD Series: Red Classic SOD, Blue Classic SOD, and IV-Star SOD

Jinyuanchun Tenggong Series: Red Tenggong and Green Tenggong

Jinyuanchun Tequ Series: Red Tequ and Blue Tequ