Take the essence of the first liquor to make the No.1 liquor; take the No.1 grains, store in the No.1 aged cellar, and made by No.1 masters; store in the NO.1 liquor container, and make the good Yushuqian No.1 liquor. Through the process of “Seven Generations of Inheritance”, inherit the thick fragrance in North China and mature the 100-year liquor. Yushuqian No.1 liquor is the good liquor by your side.

Yushuqian No.1 Liquor Series: Yushuqian No.1 41.8%Vol, Yushuqian No.1 36.8%Vol, and Yushuqian No.1 Gift 41.8%Vol

Yushuqian Year Liquor: 50-Year Yushuqian and 30-Year Yushuqian