Greener than orchid and jade, drunken so long and taste lingers on and on.

This is the poem awarded by Emperor Taizong of Tang to official Wei Zheng, which depicts the Hengyang liquor inheritance. Traced back to the western Jin Dynasty, Lu liquor had been listed as the imperial tribute liquor with high respect. The Hengyang liquor was also highly praised in Chinese ancient books such as the Commentary on the Waterways Classics, Book of Jin Dynasty, and History As A Mirror, saying: “Lu liquor taken with the fresh food is such a feast.” Thousand years have passed. The good water, ancient liquor-making methods, and Hengyang people’s pursuit of superior liquor have never been stopped. In the late Qing Dynasty and the Early Republic of China, there were 179 distilleries in Hengyang City to produce 32,600 dan of liquor yearly. The liquor stores could be seen everywhere and there was praise saying “hundred liquor stores are in the grass bridge”. In 1958, the Hengyang Huiyanfeng Liquor Making Factory, the predecessor of Hunan Yanfeng Liquor Co., Ltd., integrated the original folk liquor workshops, inherited Yancheng’s ancient liquor veins, carefully selected the mature sorghum and wheat, fermented in aged cellars and stored in pottery jars and underground cellars. From then on, the Huiyanfeng Liquor became famous.

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