Wubi liquor, developed from traditional medicine liquor in Deqing Town, its precious medicinal value mainly comes from polygonum multiflorum and morinda officinalis, special local products in Deqing Town. Wubi liquor always adheres to the natural ancient formula, adopts the traditional Chinese medicinal materials, inherits the ancient formula of 19 methods, and steams for 9 times and dries in the sun for 10 times. No chemical or animal hormone is added during the whole liquor-making process. Under the guidance of the concept of plant health tonic liquor, the formula is reorganized with technology. The liquor juice is seasoned with color through Rosa laevigata steaming gel and various types of fragrance is combined with natural matching. The liquor maintains the color and flavor of all kinds of raw materials and is more suitable for the taste of modern people. These entire features make Wubi liquor become historically new health tonic liquor. It contains pure natural plant essence and each drop has a pure natural taste. Wubi liquor has the unique quality of “good drink without uncomfortable feelings”.

Ecological Wubi Series: 125ml

Wubitu Series: 100ML, 200ML and Box Packaging

Morinda Officinalis Series: Wubi Morinda Officinalis Liquor and Enriched 1.5 Times of Liquor