It is known as the Treasure in Xiangshan Rice Fragrance Liquor. It adopts the traditional liquor-making process of “Small Jar Fermentation”. The liquor body is stored in Matan for 8 years and comes from experts’ works. It is featured by “pure rice fragrance, elegant smell, sweet and mellow, and everlasting comfortable aftertaste”. The Aged Jar Series are one of the best Rice Fragrance Liquors made by Guilin Xiangshan Distillery Co., Ltd. This liquor is featured by “pure rice fragrance, elegant and mellow, and comfortable aftertaste” and is the model of rice-fragrance liquor. The liquor has been praised for many times as: "smart liquor, unique style, excellent quality, and wonder liquor”.

Xiangshan Aged Jar Series: 8-Year Xiangshan Aged Jar, 10-Year Xiangshan Aged Jar, 15-Year Xiangshan Aged Jar, 30-Year Xiangshan Aged Jar, 6-Year Xiangshan Red Jar, and 8-Year Xiangshan Red Jar

Blue Bottle Series: Blue Bottle 22% Vol and Blue Bottle 30% Vol

Gui Series: Gui No. 1 and Red Diamond Gui No. 1