One of Fengxiang Liquor representatives, Taibai Liquor originated from Shang and Zhou dynasties, prospered in Tang and Song dynasties. It became famous in Taibai Mountain, and was well-known because of Li Bai who was a famous poet in Tang Dynasty. It has been over 6,000 years since it was verified by unearthed relics. It is clear and transparent, mellow and refined, full and pleasant, with harmonious and lingering tastes. Now there are three large series, i.e., Fengxiang flavor, Fengjian compound flavor and strong flavor, covering 18 types and over 100 products. Fengjian compound liquor is originated by Taibai Liquor Company which owns intellectual property right of its production process. Its production process of Fengjian compound liquor produced by fermentation method has passed provincial scientific and technological achievement authentication in November 2007 and won first prize in municipal scientific progress and second prize provincially in succession in 2008. It has declared national patent and been reputed by the expert in the filed of liquor nationwide as “Fengjian compound Taibai liquor has made revolutionary breakthrough in production progress of liquor in China.”