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Chinese First Real Vine “Sacred 2016” from the Same Vineyard Came Out



On May 28, the listing conference of Shangri-La estate wine “Sacred 2016” was held in a great way in Snow Sands Grand Hotelat the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Yunnan. Over 50 honored guests including local government leaders, domestic and foreign industry experts, media reporters, dealers, etc. attended this activity. The listing of “Sacred 2016” marked that Chinese first real wine “Sacred 2016” from the same vineyard came out formally. 

On the scene of the conference, Xu Pengsheng (the member of the Standing Committee of Diqing Prefecture of the Communist Party of China & the Executive Vice Governor of the prefecture government), He Henghui (the Chief Executive Officer of VATS Liquor), Wu Shuilin (the first person responsible for Shangri-la Winery Co., Ltd.) and Mark (the Chief Winemaker of Shangri-la Winery Co., Ltd.) opened the crystal ball, and then “Sacred 2016” formally unveiled its mysterious yashmak formally. Wu Shuilin said: “The emerging of “Sacred 2016” represents the top level of the producing area of Shangri-la. This time we will sell 9,622 bottles of wines with a unit retail price of RMB 1,800.”

The taster of “Sacred 2016” won the unanimous praising from the honored guests at the conference. Mark said: “The liquor body of “Sacred 2016” is in the deep ruby red with the charming fragrance of blackcurrants, blueberries and coffee; the liquor body is abundant and tastes smooth and delicate. Its taste is missed with the scent of the toasted vanilla of the brand new oak barrel. The comprehensive tannin is just as smooth as the velvet with a long remaining taste.  It is a rare cabernet sauvignon.

At the listing conference, the People’s Government of the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yunan Province and Shangri-la Winery Co., Ltd. awarded persons as the promotion ambassadors for the producing area of Shangri-la and 10 persons as the brand ambassadors for Sacred. Since then, Shangri-la Winery Co., Ltd. has its own promotion ambassadors and spokespersons for its producing area.