Group Dynamics

Offer Yitanhaojiu Respectfully to Hero of "Two Bombs and One Satellite"



On June 16, the Spirit Celebration of the Seventieth Anniversary of Founding of the People's Republic of China & the Forum of Success Explosion of the First Hydrogen Bomb & "Two Bombs and One Satellite" sponsored by the Historical Research Branch of National History Society of the People's Republic of China was held in Beijing Conference Center. The relative representatives of the "Two Bombs and One Satellite" heroes and the related leaders, academicians and experts once participating in the design and construction of this great project as well as the scholars of the Historical Research Branch regarding the "Two Bombs and One Satellite", etc. attended the ceremony on invitation. As one of the sponsors of this conference, “Jinliufu· Yitanhaojiu” sponsored the wine for the banquet during the whole course, and gave salute to the national treasure level leading figures in science and technology, academicians, experts and leaders.