Group Dynamics

Jinliufu Brand Value over RMB 45.212 Billion



On June 26, the 16th “World Brand Summit” sponsored by the World Brand Lab was held in Beijing. Jinliufu was awarded as the honorary title of “China’s Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in 2019” with a total brand value of RMB 45.212 Billion, increasing RMB 7.43 billion compared with last year. Jinliufu has been listed as one of China’s top 500 most valuable brands for continuously eleven years. 

Since its born in 1996, Jinliufu has always taken the “Fu Culture” as its main line, working on inheriting Chinese traditional virtues, extensively advocating the theory of “Six-Fu All Arrive and So Many Fu”, letting the brand positioning of “Chinese Fu Wine” win great popular support. 

The super product created by Wu Xiangdong (founder of Jinliufu brand) with “Good Quality and Favorable Price” - “Jinliufu-Yitanhaojiu” enhanced its national promotion strength in 2018, caused wise attentions in the while wine industry and consumer groups and powerfully boosted the improvement of the brand value of Jinliufu. 

In 2018, since the upgrading of Jinliufu star series products, Jinliufu has continuously strengthened its brand construction, expanded its brand communication effect, which covering from putting advertisements in national key transportation hub and core business district to public relations activities at important festivals such as “Share and share alike” at Mid-Autumn Festival, “My New Year's Eve dinner” at Spring Festival, etc., and created its new corporate competitiveness. During the accumulation of the brand value, Jinliufu has gone out a unique road of brand.